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Richard M. Wright, MA (1970-2021) was a Jamaican-American writer, expressive arts counselor, workshop facilitator, public speaker, visual artist, dj, and “intersectional afrofuturist.” He was passionate about building consent culture, bystander intervention, and healthy, accountable masculinities. As a cisgendered straight man, Richard strongly believed it was important for him to do culture-shifting work towards a paradigm that respects the boundaries and humanity of women, girls, femmes, and everyone else too.


Richard was known for facilitating art-based workshops on building consent culture, honoring personal boundaries, bystander intervention & healthy, accountable masculinities. He also provided counsel for people in romantic situations navigating issues of patriarchy; boys, men and masculine folks wanting to explore healthy masculinity; and people needing support and guidance going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments. 

Richard studied Expressive Arts Therapy at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where he received his Masters degree. He also completed the Healthy Masculinity/ Bystander Intervention training with Men Can Stop Rape. With these skills, Richard harnessed the arts to create workshops that use movement, drama and play to develop empathy, integrity, accountability. 

Richard was published in the  groundbreaking anthology “Ask: Building Consent Culture,” edited by Kitty Stryker. He also self-published and wrote pieces for Colorlines Magazine that critique current events from an intersectional perspective.

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